Welcome to MuseGraph music fonts for Finale and Sibelius.

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We are in progress porting some of our fonts into Sibelius. Stay tuned!

New fonts for Sibelius are just added. Tired of Opus? Try legendary SCORE look with Wolfgang and soft distinctive look with Ludwig.

MuseGraph made various sets of music fonts for use in the notation programs such Finale or Sibelius, by making fonts from scratch, imitating or tweaking. All typefaces are tested on the Finale notation program, but Sibelius uses Finale fonts and so it is possible to adopt fonts inside Sibelius too. Tests made on Sibelius 7 shows that fonts are fully functional.

It is easy to imagine that notation programs are like Microsoft Word: you just click to change font from Times to Arial. But it is not so. Adjusting types for music notation is extremely difficult and demanding task.

All fonts are adjusted for Finale and tested on both Windows and Mac OS X platform. All fonts include  .fan files for Finale. We prefer using the OpenType.

The fonts are the full replacement of Maestro and therefore it is possible to use it in Sibelius notation program too (in the same way you can use Maestro).
MuseGraph also designs custom fonts for your needs.